Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A website for comic book enthusiasts

Being a comic book fan is not easy. With literally thousands of titles, crossovers, and characters, how are we to keep things straight? How are we to know what Spider-Man volume Maximum Carnage #7 appeared in? If only there was a comprehensive database that we could turn to for such information...

Thankfully, there is. Visit:

Comic Vine is the ultimate comic book database, as well as a great place to read news and reviews by people that share your love for the medium. It also offers a massive forum, trivia, the ability to create your own blog, and (a personal favorite of mine) the ability to create lists of your favorite comics or characters. With so many features, there is really no better website for a comic book fan to be a part of, but don't take my word for it, go sign up and see for yourself!

My user name on Comic Vine is afierce.

P.S. Maximum Carnage #7 appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #379. Thank you Comic Vine.


  1. That site is amazing - I need to take a good look around it.

  2. It's incredible! You can find most anything on it! They are missing a lot of smaller stuff, like my Oni Press comics, but the great thing is that I could add them myself! I would really like too, but unfortunetely I don't have a scanner to scan the covers. But if you want some nostalgia, check out all the Sonic comics!

  3. This... is amazing. I could spend hours on there, I think. Thanks, Krystal!

  4. The lists are really fun to make! I made a wishlist of comics I want and a list of all the comics I own - it's fun to see my collection at a glance. =D